Sponsorship provides the opportunity to witness young children given a fresh lease of life. It provides immense satisfaction to the individual.

Individuals or organizations willing to sponsor children for surgery will be asked to select the children from our list. Children will be taken up for surgery accordingly and the details will be intimated to the donors. The donors can come to the hospital and look up the children who are undergoing surgery, meet the family members and follow-up the progress of the child.

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Each individual child presents different clinical conditions. The surgery cost includes the consumables (items used in surgery) and pharmaceuticals used for each child. In highly complex cases valves and conduits are used that are very expensive. On an average the open heart surgery costs Rs.1.5 lacs to Rs.1.8lacs (US $4000 approximately) and a closed heart or interventional surgery costs Rs.80,000/- to 1 lac (US $2500 approximately). In cases where conduit or valves are used the surgery cost goes up to 3 lacs.

In Andhra Pradesh the funds required to cover the cost of the surgery will be borne by a combination of Save a Child’s Heart, the government and Apollo Hospitals.

In states other than A.P the funds required to cover the cost of surgery will be borne by SACHi and Apollo Hospitals.

The donor component per surgery is Rs.30,000/-. (In Andhra Pradesh). Out side A.P as the Govt contribution is not available it differs for different surgeries.

Please write to us for further clarifications – sachi.apollo@gmail.com


NityashreeNityashree is shy 2 year old child. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect since birth. A complex problem needs a step wise treatment. The child is currently admitted for treatment.

Ayesha Omer

Ayesha ower
Ayesha Omer is a teenager, like most girls of her age she aspires to study and do well in life. Since birth she was suffering with a hole in the heart. The parents had taken her to several hospitals but could not afford the treatment. She has been referred to SACHI, currently awaiting surgery we wish all her dreams come true.

Baby Zehra Hafeez

Zehra  HafeezBaby Zehra Hafeez father is a photographer by profession, he loves clicking snaps of his child who gurgles with joy at the camera. This 6 month old kid suffers from a congenital heart problem that requires surgery. The child once operated will lead a normal healthy life like many other children. Currently admitted in the ward for treatment we hope her father will have many snaps of her growing up to become a beautiful person

Baby Geethakshi

Baby Geethakshi is a very cute child; however this 4 month old has already experienced so much pain. Hospitalized several times the child suffers from a very rare and complex congenital heart problem She needs a stage wise treatment/ surgery but will lead normal life once she completes all surgeries. She has been admitted for treatment

Master Akhil Senigaram

Akhil SenigaramMaster Akhil Senigaram is a 4 year old child; Akhil was diagnosed with a very complex congenital heart problem at birth. Being a farmer his father could not afford treatment. A pleasant child Akhil likes to play, however gets very tired. The parents had got him to a medical camp organized by SACHi. The doctors recommended for immediate treatment currently Akhil is being admitted for treatment.

Master T. Shiva Kumar

MasterT.Shiva kumarMaster T. Shiva Kumar is a 9 year old boy, his father Ravi Kumar is a Watch man at a local village. His son is suffering from occasional shortness of breath, when parents noticed his problem they immediately took him to a local clinic at their village, the doctor recognized the child’s having a Heart Problem and the Doctor referred them to Sachi Hyderabad. After diagnosing him, it was found that Shivarequired a BDG (DORV) surgery. Your help can Save children like shiva from these dreadful conditions

Master Babu